Michele Agostini

Michele Agostini is a certified sommelier AIS (Italian Sommelier Association, recognized worldwide). His passion for wine, culinary culture and different flavors led him to work and explore in different countries: Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali and now Holland.

In addition to taking care of the most varied wine and food combinations, Michele has also curated some Wine Classes on the history of wine both in Singapore and here in Holland. It is important to convey to customers both information and curiosities about a wine, and the story behind a bottle rather than a dish.

Today, catering must know how to offer a 360-degree experience to the customer: at both a sensorial and cultural level. A journey into tradition, while remaining comfortably seated at the table.


Georgia Sarri

Liguria! Liguria! The place where my memories are the strongest.
I remember so well when my father and I went to the harbor to get fresh fish. Quickly to the market to buy vegetables, spices and herbs from the land. Later that day, as a 4-year-old girl, I sat there enchanted on a chair, watching my father prepare the most delicious dishes with pure and honest products.
After my cooking school “La cucina di Georgia” and restaurant “Ristorante La cucina di Georgia” in Haarlem, I now start a new adventure “Osteria Moderna” with Michele Agostini. Here you can discover our passion for the Italian cuisine at an attractive location in Amsterdam.
I cordially invite you to come and taste the pure extra virgin olive oil, the Gragnano pasta, the Carnaroli rice, the delicious meat and the organic fruits and vegetables! Add to that the handmade pasta and the homemade breads and you will experience the utmost taste of Italian cuisine!
Buon appetito and welcome to our family!